Hindi proverbs meaning and translation

Here is the collection of some of the popular hindi proverbs with their equivalent in english language and full explanation.

Bad acha badnaam bura

In english: A bad man is better than a bad name
A bad name spreads very fast and reaches everywhere before a bad man even reaches there. It follows the person his whole life. A bad person can be rectified but bad name causes an irreversible damage and cannot be washed off.

Naach na jaane aangan tedha

In english: A bad workman quarrels with his tools
When someone is unable to do something then he blames other things and make excuses like a nescient dancer argues that the stage is tilted, an incompetent workman blames his tools for his incomplete / imperfect work.

Nau nagad na tera udhar

In english: A bird in hand is worth two in the bush
It is better to have a little amount of something instead of risking them while trying to gain more of it e.g., its better to have 9 dollars in hand than 13 dollars debt.

Doodh ka jala chhaj ko bhi phookar peeta hai

In english: A burnt child dreads the fire
When someone is hurt by something or someone, he becomes overconscious and tries to avoid the same. Doodh means Milk while Chaaj/ Chhaach means buttermilk when someone is burnt due to hot milk, he tends to whiff even the milk before drinking.

Oont ke muh mein jeera

In english: A drop in ocean
When there is very small amount available against the need of high amount which proves to be inadequate. If we feed a cummin seed to camel then it will be inadequate for its hunger.

Andho mein kana raja

In english: A figure among cyphers
A one-eyed man can rule upon the blinds. A person with a little ability is favored among persons with no or lesser ability.

Muh mein ram bagal mein churi

In english: A honey tongue, a heart of gall
Someone who talks sweetly but had grudges in his heart and tries to betray.

Ant bhala to sab bhala

In english: All's well that ends well
If an event ends well by anyway then it is considered as good. Most of the films has these kind of climax where everything ends well after facing whole lot of troubles.

Thotha chana baje ghana

In english: An empty vessels sounds much
Those persons who have lesser knowledge about something tends to talk more about it instead of delivering work.

Ek sadi machli saare taalab ko ganda kar deti hai

In english: A rotten fish pollutes the whole pond
A person with bad character can corrupt whole society just like a rotten fish which contaminates the water inside a pond.

Jaisi karni waisi bharni

In english: As you sow, so you reap
In hindu religion, it is consdered that one has to pay one day for his wrong doings. So you would get what you give or if you respect others you will also be honoured.

Neem hakeem khatra jaan

In english: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing
Hakim is an arabic word used for a physician who uses herbal medicines for treatment. The proverb means that a physician who lacks knowledge will prove to be dangerous for life instead of curing you. So person with little knowledge should never be trusted.