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1. Sapane to sabhi dekhte hain lekin wahi sapana saakar hota hai jo laakh samjhane par bhi insan bhulaana nahi chaahta. Every body have a dream but only those dreams becomes reality which are not forgotten by him after advising many times. Success, Dream 1. Bhabhi hogi teri aur shaadi hogi meri She'll be your sister-in-law and I will get married Wedding, Comedy 2. Shakal se to bidi ke kharkhane ka mazdoor lagta ha, saala choosa hua aam From his face he looks like a laborer from a cigarette factor, bloody sucked mango Comedy, Food 3. Yeh aap idhar idhar kya dekh rahe hai, udhar idhar dekhiy, udhar idhar Why are you seeing here and her, see there and her, there and here Comedy 4. Do dost ek pyale mein chai piyeng, isse dosti badti hai Two friends will drink tea from one cu, by doing so friendship grows Friendship 5. Aap purush hi nah, mahapurush hai! You are not a ma, you're a great man! Men, Comedy 6. Hilna nahi, hilna nahi, nahin toh hila ke rakh doonga Don't mov, don't mov, otherwise I will shake you up Action, Comedy 7. Jab dil tootta hai toh uska asar seedha dimag par hota hai When the hearts breaks it directly affects the mind Sad, Comedy 8. Main woh bala hoo, Jotum sabko kaccha chaba jao, aur dhakaar bhi na loon I am a perso, who can chew you guys ra, without taking a burp Comedy 1. Life mein teen cheezon ke peeche khabi nahi bhagna chahiy, bu, train aur chokr, ek gayi doosri aati hai In life you should never run behind 3 thing, bu, train and gir, one goes another one comes Life, Transportation, Women 2. Yeh kaunsa tha jaam Jotune pila diy, is sirphere ka sara system hila diya What drink did you give m, it shook the whole system of this mad person Poetic, Romance, Comedy 3. Aap hai gul-e-gulza, mausam-e-baha, chehre par hai guss, dil mein hai pya, aa gale lag ja mere yaar You are a beautiful flower of the sprin, you have anger on your face and love in your hear, come give me a hug my friend Poetic, Plants, Romance 4. Abhe oh ujhdi hui riyasat ke lutte huye sultan Hey you broken ruler of a ruined kingdom Royal, Comedy 5. Royega toh t, jab khelenge hum hu tu t, aur thukenge tere mooh par thu thu thu You will cry when we play Kabadd, and we will spit on your face Poetic, Sports, Comedy 1. Humse door jaoge kais, dil se hum mein bhulaoge kais, hum woh khushboo hai Josaason mein bastein ha, khud ki saason ko rok paoge kaise How can you stay away from me and g, how can your heart forget m, I am that fragrance which lives in the breat, how will you stop your breath Poetic, Romance
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