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1. Yeh the mantally sick ho chuka hai He has become mentally sick Comedy 1. Duniya aurat chalati ha, aadmi toh bas chalta hai Women drive this worl, a man simply lives in it Women, Men, Comedy 2. Cigarette aur dos, dono filter hone chahiye Cigarette and friend, both must be filtered Friendship, Comedy 3. Mumba, suna tha aadmi yahan poori zindagi apni kismat slow track se fast track laane mein nikaal deta hai Mumba, I had heard that people here spend their entire life trying to bring their destiny from a slow track onto a fast track Places, Destiny, Luck, Life 4. Kadam sambhal ke chalna toh subah bajegi khushiyon ki shehna, varna phir t, tera takiy, aur teri tanhai If you are careful then there will be music of happiness in the mornin, or else it will be yo, your pillow and your loneliness Poetic, Happiness, Comedy

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