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1. Hamari zindagi mein na hi koi mazaa ha, na hi koi mast, balki ek aaisi bhel puri hai jis mein chutney nahi ha, ek aaisi kulfi hai jis mein malai nah, ek aaisi daal hai jis mein tadka nahi In our lives there is no fun and no mischie, infact it has become a savoury snack without any chutne, a sweet without any crea, a lentil soup without any spice Food, Life, Comedy 2. Tum mahaan h, bhagwan ka vardaan h, mere jeene ka samaan ho You are grea, you are God's blessin, and you are the purpose of my living Comedy 3. Kabhi Santoshi maa ka vra, toh kabhi Ambe maa k, kabhi Durga maa k, toh kabhi padosi ki maa k, kabhi solha somwa, toh kabhi Ganesh ka mangalwar Sometimes you fast for goddess Santosh, sometimes for goddess Amb, sometimes for goddess Durga and sometimes for the neighbours mothe, sometimes for 16 Monday, and sometimes on Tuesday for Lord Ganesh Religious, Comedy 1. Is comic chehre ke peeche bhi ek dil ha, Jotumhare liye bahut serious hai There is also a heart behind this comic fac, which is very serious for you Romance 1. Kehte hai jungle mein naya janwar aaye to, sabse pehle sher ko saalam karna padta hai It is said that when a new animal comes in the jungl, then firstly he has to salute the tiger Animals 2. Tum sach ko sapna samajhke bhula dena chahti h, lekin main us sapne ko sach karna chahta hoon You want to consider the truth as a dream and forget i, but I want to make that dream a reality Truth, Social, Dreams 1. Friends I have an ide, I have a grand idea! Friends I have an ide, I have a grand idea! Friendship, Comedy 1. Khushi kisi manzil ko haasil karne mein nah, safar mein hi khushi hai Happiness is not in getting somethin, happiness is in the journey to get to it Happiness, Inspiration 2. Happiness is nothing but the absence of sadness Happiness is nothing but the absence of sadness Happiness, Sad 1. Deewano ki baatein sirf deewane samajhte hai Only people in love can understand what people in love say Romance 2. Sab kuch hai mere paas saans lene ke liy, zindagi guzaarne ke liy, par zindagi jeene ke liye kuch bhi nahi I have everything needed to breathe and liv, but I don't have anything to live life Life, Drama 1. Kisi bhi cheez mein itni sachchai nahi ho sakt, jitni tumse milne ki meri khwaish mein hai No one thing can have so much trut, that my wish has to meet you Romance, Truth, Social 2. Agar koi sachche dil se kuch chah, toh namumkin bhi mumkin ho jaata hai If someone wants something with a true hear, then the impossible also becomes possible Inspiration

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