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1. Jab se main hoon tab se mera ye sapna bhi hai This dream is there since the day I exists. Dream, Inspiration, Strong will 2. Ya to main bhagwan ke khel mein apni haar maan lu ya uske khel ko palat du. Either I have to accept the defeat in GOD's game or change HIS game. GOD, Strong will 3. Aap har roj fancy dress competition me jaati hain ya getup change karna aapki hobby hai. Do you go in a fancy dress competition everyday or is it your hobby to keep changing your clothes. Comedy, Clothes 4. Choti pe akele khade hone ke liye doosre ko girana zaruri hai. You have to drop the second one down to stand alone at the top. Negative 5. Har bada sapana dekhne wala aadmi kabhi na kabhi jail zarur hai. Every person who dreamt big has been to jail sooner or later. Social, Law, Dream 6. Dunia me aisa ek aadmo bataao jisne koyi bada sapana pura karne ke liye kuchh achh? kuch bura aur kuchh bahit bura na kiya ho. Shw me even a single person in this world who has not done something goo? something bad and even worst to fulfill his large dream. Social, Negative 1. Power paida karein hum log aur button de dein un logon ke hath mein We cultivated the powe? and should hand over the button (of remote) to them Political

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