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1. Haddi toh toot kar phir bhi jud jati ha, lekin aadmi ki izza, uska atmasaman ek baar toot jaye na toh phir kabhi nahi judta Bones can be fixed if they brea, but if the human honor or dignity breaks then it can never be fixed Drama 2. Ladenge toh khoon baheg, nahi ladenge toh yeh log khoon choos lenge If we fight we will shed bloo, but if we don't fight then these people will suck our blood Action 1. Yeh jitne ghaav hai seene p, sab phoolon ke ghuche ha, hum mein pagal hi rehne d, hum pagal hi achche hai The wounds that I have on my ches, are all bouquets of flower, let me remain ma, I am better of being mad Poetic, Action, Plants

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