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1. Achchi dosti wo hoti hai jo logon ko mahaan banati hai. A good friendship is that one which make people great! Friendship 2. Arey bhatakte paagalkhaane Hey! Roaming Mental Hospital! Comedy, One liner 1. Sher ke shikar mein shikari bhi mar sakata hai Hunter can also get killed while hunting a lion Action, Animals, Short 1. Jis chot se main zakhmi hua hoo, ussi chot se ladunga The wound that has injured m, I will fight with that wound Drama 2. Tum kisi ka kaam chura sakte h, lekin uska huna, uski kabiliyat nahi You can steal someone's wor, but not their talent and their potential Inspiration, Drama 1. Pyar sooch samajh kar nahin kiya jaat, bas ho jaata hai Love is not done with thought and understandin, it just happens Romance 1. Ishwar dil mein ho to, sachchai mazboot rehti hai If God is in your hear, the truth is resolute Religious, Truth, Social 2. Aap itne khoobsurat log hai ki aapki tasveer seedhe dil mein chapti hai You are such beautiful people that your picture prints directly in my heart Romance 3. Shaadi na hi ek contract ha, na hi koi utsav ha, agar utsav hai toh logon ke liye ha, shaadi do aatmaon do dilon ka mel ha, jisme do jan bharpoor zindagi saath saath jeete hai aur saath saath marte hai Marriage is not a contrac, neither a festiva, if it's a festival then it's for other, marriage is a union of two souls two heart, in which two people live life together to the fullest and die together Wedding, Festival, Life 1. Zindagi mein sirf future hi nah, present bhi hota hai In life there is not only the futur, there is also the present Life, Inspiration 1. Game bahut achcha khela tun, aadmi galat chun liya You played a very good gam, it's just that you chose the wrong person Drama 1. Hamare mulk mein sirf aam aadmi ki kismat kyun kharab hoti hai, Why is that in our country only the destiny of a common man is bad, Destiny, Luck, Drama 2. Jahan kaam aaye su, wahan talwar se kaam lete ho, Where you need a needl, there you are using a sword, Comedy 1. Jab jeb mein daulat badh jaati hai n, toh zabaan kaboo se nikal jaati hai When you have more money in the pocke, then the words go out of control Money, Drama 2. Parayi aurat aur parayi daulat par nazar nahi dalni chahiye You should not keep an eye on someone else's woman and money Women, Money
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