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1. Apni jaan ki salamati chahta hai toh bhaag nikal yahan s, varna tere tukde tukde karke cheel kauwon ko khila doonga If you care for your life then run away from her, otherwise I will cut you into pieces and feed them to eagles and crows Action, Animals, Life 1. Spandhanheen hriday mein josh naya barna hai aa, matra bhoomi ki parvarish ka karz ada karna hai aa, shaheedon ke lahu lohaan kadam pade jin rahon pa, un rahon par bankar phot kadamo tale bikharna hai aaj We have to fill new passion in the vibrant hear, today we have to pay the debt of our upbringing to our motherlan, the paths on which the martyr's have stepped their feet full of bloo, today we have to walk strong on those paths Poem, Patriotism, Inspiration 2. Aurat ka ek bar jab byah ho jaata hai n, toh uska naya janam hota hai Once a woman gets marrie, then she is born again Women, Wedding, Drama

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