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1. Unka hisaab uns, tera tujhse Their account with the, your account with you Drama 2. Tanker bhar khoon hai body mein I have a tanker load of blood in my body Action, Comedy 3. Lo lag gayi law and order ki Law and order is now ruined Law, Justice 1. Ladaiyan sasti nahi hot, aur agar sasti hoti toh har koi nahi ladh leta Battles are not chea, if they were cheap then everyone would fight War, Drama 1. Yeh tevar hamare khoon mein ha, tere bhaukane se kuch nahi hoga We have this attitude in our bloo, and you barking will not make a difference Action 2. Yeh tasveer shuru zaroor usne ki ha, lekin ismein aakhri rang main bharoonga He has started this paintin, but I will fill the last color in it Drama 3. Chori ke dhande mein Jomaal le jaye n, maal bhi usk, dhanda bhi uska In the business of stealing one who takes the good, the goods belong to hi, and so does the business Business, Crime 4. Mera maatha garam ha, doodh ki tarah ubal jaata hoo, aaj ubloonga nah, phatoonga My brain is hot and I boil like mil, but today I won't boi, I will blast Action, Food 5. Woh chahegi jiska bann, arre wohi banega Rajesh Khanna The one she choses to be wit, he will become Rajesh Khanna Comedy 1. Agar suddenly ek saath sab kuch theek ho jaay, toh life bahut boring ho jaati hai If suddenly everything becomes alrigh, then life becomes boring Life 2. Punjabi mother-in-law se khatarnak kuch bhi nahi hota hai is duniya mein There is nothing more dangerous in this world than a Punjabi mother-in-law Family, Comedy 3. Story mein hero ho ya na h, story hero honi chahiye The story may have a hero or no, the story itself must be a hero Inspiration 4. Budhi ho ya jawaa, melodrama is duniya ki sari auraton ke khoon mein hota hai Be it old or youn, all the women of this world have melodrama in their blood Women, Comedy

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