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1. Yeh khel teri zindagi ka aakhri khel hog, aakhri khel This game will be the last game of your lif, last game Sports, Life, Action 2. Aag ko jab tak na ched, tab nak nahi bhadhakt, chedo toh aaisa bhadhakti ha, ke jalakar raakh kar deti hai Until you tease the fir, it does not gro, and when you tease i, it grows in such a way that it burns you into ashes Action 3. Aap kanoon haath mein le nahi sakt, aur apun ka haath duniya ka koi kanoon rok nahi sakta You cannot take the law in your own hand, and no law of this world can stop my hands Law, Justice, Action 4. Saari duniya ka dar, maa ki chatti se lagte hi mitt jaata hai All the pains of the worl, go away when you hug a mother Parents, Drama

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