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1. Aadhe idhar ja, aadhe idhar ja, aur baaki hamare saath aao Half of you go her, half of you go her, and the rest come with me Comedy 2. Hum angrezon ke zamaane ke jailor hai I am a jailor from the days of Englishmen Police, Comedy 3. Hamari jail mein surang, A tunnel in my jail, Comedy 4. Hamare jasoos is jail mein charon taraf failay hue hai My detectives are spread all around this jail Comedy 1. Ache waqt ki kadha, burre waqt ke baad hi hoti hai Good times are appreciate, only after the bad times Time, Drama 1. Muscula, popula, spectacular an, bachelor Muscula, popula, spectacular an, bachelor Comedy 1. Cheena jhapt, loot-ma, atyacha, brashtacha, balatka, aaisa koi paap nahi Jois manav ne nah kiya ho Snatchin, stealin, tortur, corruptio, rap, there is no sin that this person has not done Crime, Comedy

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