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1. Baat dushman ne kahi ha, par baat bilkul sahi hai The point is made by the enem, but the point is exactly right Enemy 1. Doctor sirf ilaaj kar sakta ha, mareez ki tamanna puri nahi kar sakta A doctor can only do the treatmen, he cannot fulfill a patients wish Drama 1. Sansar mein agar koi cheez logon ko zinda rakhti hai n, toh woh pyar ha, pyar If there is something that keeps people alive in the univers, then that is lov, love Romance 1. Hota toh sabke paas ha, magar dimaag wahi Jowaqt pe kaam aajaye Everyone has i, but the sharp mind is the one that comes handy at the right time Comedy 1. Har di, ek pa, ek lamha aaisa hota ha, jab rab sabki baat sunta ha, aur sochi hui baat sach ho jaati hai Everyday there is a moment in time whe, God listens to everyon, and the thought in mind becomes a reality Time, Inspiration 1. Woh bhool gaya ke usne sher ke mooh mein haath daala ha, ab main uska haath toh ky, uska poora wajood mitta ke rakh doonga He forgot that he has put his hand inside a tiger's mout, now I will erase not just his han, but also his complete existence Animals, Drama 2. Kuch log property banate hai aur kuch log property ka istimaal karte ha, aur Jolog property ka istimaal karte ha, woh buddhiman hote hai Some people make properties and some people use propertie, and the people who use the propertie, are smart Comedy

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