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1. Is saal tu paas ho gaya n, toh main tujhe Cadabury doong, woh bhi milak ki If you pass this yea, then I will you a Cadbury (chocolate, and that to a milk one Food, Education, Comedy 2. Hai ha, taude muscal kitne satong hai nee Oh m, what strong muscles you have Comedy 1. India mein time se aane waale ki koi value nahi hot, der se aane waale ko star samjha jaata hai In India there is no value for people who come on tim, and people who come late are considered a star Time, Comedy 2. Sar se paon tak khud ko dhak liya ha, meri Roopa ka roop toh kahin se nazar hi nahi aata ni You have covered yourself from head to to, so we can't see the beauty of my Roopa Comedy 1. Jab tak dil dhadakta ha, sangeet zinda rehta hai The music live, until the heart beats Music

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