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1. Election circus ki tarah hota hai. Jahan pe sirf timepass ke liye hota hai.
Ticktein khareedi jaati hain sher ko dekhne ke liye.
Election is like a circus in which the joker is for time pass only
Tickets are bought to watch the lion.
General, Animals 1. Mere pass police ha, power ha, paisa ha, tere pass kya hai, I have polic, powe, mone, what do you have, Police, Money 2. Aye walle, aye bulle, you choose A walle, a bulle, now you choose Comedy, Action 1. Life is a cycl, kabhi khushi deti ha, kabhi gham deti hai Life is a cycl, sometimes it gives happines, sometimes it gives sorrow Life, Happiness, Sad 2. Insaan sirf rishta banata hai aur usko nibhane ki koshish karta ha, baaki sab kismat ka khel hai Humans only make relations and try to fulfill the, everything else is a game of fate Destiny, Luck, Drama 1. Kuch sach sirf kahaniyan hoti ha, aur kuch kahaniyan sach hoti hai Some truths are only storie, and some stories are true Truth, Social, Drama 1. Election circus ki tarah hota ha, jahan pe joker sirf time pass ke liye hota ha, ticketein khareedi jaati hai sher ko dekhne ke liye Election is just like the circu, where the joker is there just for time pas, tickets are bought to see the tiger Politics, Animals, Comedy

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