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1. Apna ussool kehta ha, har galati ki saza maut ha, sirf maut! My rule says tha, every mistakes punishment is deat, only death! Death, Action 2. Apna ussool kehta ha, jab dushman ki umar badh jaaye toh usse dosti karl, apni umar badh jaati hai My rule says tha, when the life of your enemy increases then befriend hi, it increases your life also Enemy, Friendship, Life 3. Kamzor ki dost, taqatwar ke vaar ko kam kar deti hai Friendship with the wea, makes the attack of a strong person weak Friendship, Drama 4. Apna ussool kehta ha, daayen haath se jurm kar, baayen haath ko pata bhi na chale My rule says tha, when you commit the crime with your right han, your left hand should not even come to know about it Crime, Drama 5. Apna ussool kehta ha, agar fayda ho toh jhoot ko sach maan l, dushman ko dost bana lo My rule says tha, if you see the benefi, then treat the lie as the trut, and make the enemy your friend Enemy, Friendship, Drama 6. Agar aaisa ho gaya toh apna khopdi phir jayeg, aur tumhara mundi kat jayega If this happens then my head will spi, and your head will be chopped Action 1. Iski maut soochni padegi! I will have to plan his death! Death 1. Yahan gaddari ki sazaa sirf maut hoti ha, maut Here the punishment of traitorship is only deat, death Death, Action 1. Faanoos banke jiski hifaazat hawa kar, woh shama kya bhuje jise roshan khuda kare When a lamp gets protection from the win, then no one can blow the candle that is lit by God Inspiration, Religious 2. Dil ke zakh, dawao se nahi bharte The wounds of the hear, don't heal with medicines Drama 1. Itni lashein bhicha doong, ki log Jallianwala Bagh ko bhool jayenge I will spread so many dead bodie, that people will forget Jallianwala Bagh Action 1. Chaand par pahuchna ho toh sitaron par nahi ruka kart, woh toh khud girte rehte hai If you want to reach to the moon then don't stop at the star, they themselves keep falling Inspiration 2. Mere pass paisa hai par style nahi ha, aur tere pass style hai par paisa nahi hai I have money but no styl, and you have style but no money Money 3. Gambling mein bharosa nah, luck chalta hai In gambling trust does not wor, luck does Gambling, Destiny, Luck 4. Tum sach toh main jhoo, tum din toh main raa, tum khushnaseeb toh main badnaseebi ki misaal If you are the truth then I am the li, if you are day then I am nigh, if you are the lucky one then I am an example of bad luck Truth, Social, Cheating, Destiny, Luck
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