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1. Bhagwan jisse kisi kaam ke liye pehda nahi karta n, usse seth bana deta hai When God creates a person to do nothin, he makes him the boss Comedy 1. Makaan tha kabh, ab khandar viran lagta ha, tera thopda Panipat ka maidan lagta hai It looked like a house earlie, but now looks like deserted ruin, your face looks like a playground of Panipat Poetic, Places, Comedy 2. Zamanat ho nahi sakt, shanivar ko itvar k, main kisi ko chhod nahi sakt, na dost ko na yaar ko A bail cannot happen on a Saturday or on a Sunda, I cannot leave anyon, neither a friend nor a buddy Poetic, Friendship, Comedy 3. Isko din mein dikh gaya tar, kya kheench ke chaata mara He is seeing a star during the da, what a tight slap you gave him Poetic, Comedy 4. Agar tumhare ishq ko koi laal jhanda dikhayega ' yakeen karo yeh ghalib unko dhanda dikhayega If anyone shows a red flag to your lov, believe me this conqueror will show them a stick Poetic, Comedy, Romance 1. Jokabhi nahi daantt, woh bahut sakht daantte hai Those who never scol, they scold very badly Comedy

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