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1. Galat waqt mein insan galat faisla leta hai. A human takes bad decisions during his hard times. Life 1. Ishq ka ek problem ha, agar ek ki lagi toh doosre ki toh lagni hi ha, naturally Love has one proble, if one gets into trouble then the other also will get in troubl, naturally Romance, Comedy 2. She is like rajma chawa, maa ka banaya hua She is like kidney beans and ric, made by mom Food, Parents 1. Ik baar to yun hog, thoda sa sukoon hog, na dil mein kasak hog, na sar mein junoon hoga For once it will be s, that there will be some peac, neither there will be pain in my hear, nor there will be the passion in my mind Poetic, Romance 1. Hamari toh gaali par bhi taali parti hai People clap even when I curse Comedy 2. God made man and tailor made gentleman God made man and tailor made gentleman Comedy, Religious 1. Kaam khatam hone ke pehle jashn nahi manat, nazar lag jati hai One must not celebrate before the work is complet, it spells bad luck Drama 2. Log ikke se jeette ha, hum tujhe rani se jeetke dikhayenge People win with an ac, I'll show you how I win with a queen Gambling, Win, Strong will, Success 3. Ab yeh case aayega mere unde, aur main karoonga iska encounter Now this case will come under m, and I will do his encounter Action 1. Khoon ka rishtaa khoon bahake hi khatam kiya jaa sakta hai Blood relationship can only be ended by shedding blood Action 1. Galatiya bhi rishto ki tarah hoti ha, karni nahi padt, ho jaati hai Mistakes are like relation, you don't have to do the, they just happen Drama 2. Duayen apno ke liye li jaati hai We pray for our loved ones Drama 3. Sirf insaan galat nahi hot, waqt bhi galat ho sakta hai Not only can humans be wron, even the time can be wrong Time, Drama 1. Kai baar choti choti nadaaniyo se nuksaan bada ho jaata hai Many a times small small mistakes cause a big loss Drama 1. Badhe sheharo ki hawa aur chote sheharo ka pan, bada khatarnak hota hai The air of big cities and the water of small citie, are very dangerous Places, Comedy
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