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1. Roti hoti hai khane ke liy, aur boti hoti hai chabane ke liye Bread is there to be eate, and chop is there to be chewed Food 2. Supari ka sauda noton se nahi, laashon se hoga The deal for killing will not be done with mone, it will be done with dead bodies Money, Action 3. Face Sonal, taange Raveena aur aankhen Karishma Her face is like Sonal, legs are like Raveena and eyes are like Karishma Comedy 4. Mera naam hai Lambu Aat, saale ko doonga maut ka chaata My name is Lambu Aat, I will give him the slap of death Death, Action 1. Main sher ke mooh me haath dalkar uske pet se antariyan nikal leta hoon I can put my hand into the mouth of the tiger and remove the flesh from his stomach Animals, Action 2. Ek baar teri file open ho gayi n, toh sab kuch close ho jayega Once your file open, then everything will get closed Law, Justice, Comedy 1. Begairat besharam ban, kisise kabhi mat darr, jab koi gaali d, jhi bharke hasso jhi bharke hasso Become prideless and shameles, never be afraid of anyone ' when someone curses yo, laugh a lot Comedy 2. Sar ka taj tedha h, toh ran, rani nahin kaani lagti hai If the crown on the head is crooked ' then a queen does not look a quee, but a squint eye Comedy, Royal 3. Kuch is tarah se bhunne hain maine taqdeer ke dhaag, achche achchon ko jhukna padta hai mere aage The way I have stirred the threads of destiny ' the best of the best have to bow down in front of me Poetic, Destiny, Luck 4. Chamdi ukhaadkar tera chehra bhigaad doong, tukde udaakar tere dal-dal mein gaad doonga I will rip your skin and spoil your face ' I will make your pieces fly and bury them in a bog Poetic, Action 5. Bheenk mangni parti hain kanoon ke wafaadaron k, aur maal khane ko milta hai desh ke gaddaron ko People loyal to the law have to beg ' and people unfaithful to the country get to eat the money Poetic, Law, Justice 6. Mere peeche itne siyaasi haath hai, jitne aapke sar pe baal bhi nahin honge I have so many political hands behind me ' that you don't even have that many hairs on your head Politics, Comedy

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