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1. Pais, aaise kaise paise maang rahe ho, Mone, what money are you asking for, Money, Comedy 1. Hum ladta nah, ladwata ha, hum karta nah, karwata ha, hum maarta nah, marwata hai I don't figh, I make others figh, I don't do thing, I make others d, I don't kil, I get others killed Action 1. Doodh pani ka yeh mila, Ganga Jamuna sanga, agar Allahabad ke baad milega toh yahin milega The mixture of milk and wate, like that of Ganga Jamun, you'll get only here after Allahabad Food, Places 2. Tanki mein nahin te, toh bade se bada engineer fail If you don't have oil in the car tan, then even the biggest engineer is a fail Transportation, Defeat & Failure, Comedy

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