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1. Kya main ek phool ki tarah khoobsurat ladki ko e, ladki ki tarah khoobsurat phool de sakta hoon To a girl beautiful as a flowe, can I give on, flower beautiful as a girl Romance, Plants 1. Jung mein jab shoot karne ka order dete hai to, kab kahan kaise uska toh pata hota hai magar kyu, fauji ko nah yeh batate ha, na usse janane ka haq hota hai In a war when you get an order to shoo, you know whe, where and how to do tha, but wh, a soldier is never told the reason behind it and neither does he have the right to know that War, Drama 1. Maan na maa, no mehmaan Whether you accept it or no, I want no guests Guest, Comedy 2. Yeh koi Hindustani sulabh shauchalay nah, jahan bandh hone waali cheez khulti nahi aur khulne waali cheez bandh nahi hoti This is not an Indian tolie, where the thing that is supposed to close does not open and the thing that is supposed to open does not close Comedy 3. I don't the trust the Indian, (sorry, eggjactly I don't trust the Indian, (sorry, exactly Comedy 4. Funny gu, senses of humo, I like that Funny gu, good sense of humo, I like that Comedy 5. Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maant, "Ghosts of the kicks not listening to the talks" People who can only understand the language of beatings cannot be counselled by words Comedy 6. When in the Rom, do the Romans When in Rom, do as the Romans do Places, Comedy 7. Do tarah ke Indians hote ha, ek jinpe tum bharaso nahi kar sakt, aur doosre jinhe tum bardaasht nahi kar sakte There are two types of Indian, one on whom you cannot depen, and other are whom you cannot tolerate Comedy 1. Jab do haathon se taali baj rahi h, toh beech mein mooh nahi gusedhte bachch, ungliyan chap sakti hai gaalon pe When someone is clapping with two hand, then you should not push your face in betwee, the impression of fingers will get drawn on your cheeks Comedy 2. Ek baar main sauda kar leta hoon toh paise vapas nahi leta Once I make a deal then I don't take the money back Business, Money 1. Usse haath milane ke baa, haath ka ungliyan check karna zaroori hota hai After shaking hands with hi, it is necessary to check the fingers on your hand Comedy 1. Tijori saa, kaha suna maaf Please pardon m, I've cleaned the vault Comedy 1. Kya udibaba udibab, chalti to hai nahi, udibaba udibaba What udibaba udibab, this can't mov, and you're talking about flying Comedy 1. Hum Kabir ka iphon, uska ipo, uski ite, sab cheen lenge We will steal Kabir's iphon, ipo, item (girl, everything Technical, Comedy
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