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1. Aadmi ke jab burre din aate ha, toh uski akal maari jaati hai When a person is going through his bad day, then he loses his mind Drama 1. Zindagi mein kuch ehsaan aise bhi hote ha, jinki keemat asal se zyada sood mein chukana padti hai Some favors in life are such tha, for which you have to pay more in interest than the principal itself Life, Drama 1. Ishq se Jobacha nahi reht, woh kisi kaam ka nahi rehta One who can't escape lov, is left of no use Drama, Poetic 1. Aaj ya toh insaaf hog, ya mamla saaf hoga Today either there will be justic, or the case will be cleared Law, Justice, Comedy

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