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1. Ek baat darj kar l? hum pe na Delhi government ki na challa? direct Home Ministry Register my word? we are not operated by Delhi Government (but) directly from Home Ministry Police, Law, Political 2. Teen din mein paise varna tihaad (I want my) money within three days else (you will go to) Tihad (Jail) Police, Law, Short 3. Jaat hoon na ke karoon natural sa hai I am a Jaa? what to do? Its being natural General 4. Yo CBC hai bhai- Chautala Banega Crorepati This is C B C - Chautala Banega Crorepati Short 5. Chautala with yo? for yo? always! Same Short 6. Yeh sarkari VAT nahin hai chautala ka VAT hai. Dus guna kar d? dus guna! This is not government's VA? this is Chautala's VAT make it ten time? 10 times! Comedy 1. Hum tumhari jaan lenge aur bahut shaan se lenge I will kill you and with a lot of style Action 1. Aapko pata hai mard zyada gaaliyan kyun dete hai, kyun ki woh rote kum hai Do you know why men curse a lot, because they cry very less Men, Comedy 2. Tumhe dekhkar badtameezi karne ko kyun jee karta hai Why is that after seeing you I feel like being ill-mannered Drama 3. Bahut sasti ho chuki ho tu, tumhe dene ke liye hamare paas chillar bhi nahin hai You have become very chea, I don't even have lose change to give you Comedy, Money 4. Hamara itihaas hai aur hum kal bhi itihaas banayenge Our history is there and tomorrow also we will create history Drama

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