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1. Gaadiya videshi look mein achchi lagti ha, aur foreigners hamesha Indian sanskar mein achche lagte hai Cars look good with foreign look, and foreigners always look good with Indian cultures Transportation, Comedy 1. Upar waale tera khel niral, kutte ki dumm ko seedha kar daala Oh God your game is strang, you've straightened a dogs crooked tail Poetic, Animals, Comedy 2. Yeh aap par itne phool barsaing, itne phool barsaing, ki aap bloody fool ho jayenge They will shower so many flowers on you... that you will become a bloody fool Plants, Comedy 1. Mithai ki dukaan mein mirchi ha, aai shapat kai tari gochi hai There is spice in a sweet sho, I swear on my mo, something is strange Poetic, Food, Comedy 2. Shakahari ke pet mein machch, aai shapat kai tari hai gochi A fish in a vegetarian's stomac, I swear on my mo, something is strange Poetic, Food, Comedy 1. Abhe bagar pani ke magarmach Hey you crocodile without water Animals, Comedy 1. Kapde jitne chote hote hai, kaamyabi utni hi badi hoti hai The shorter the clothe, the bigger the success Clothes, Win, Strong will, Success 1. Aye good night ke machcha, mere dimaag pe sawaalon ka manjira mat bajaa Hey you mosquito of a good nigh, don't play a dulcimer full of questions on my mind Comedy, Animals 2. Abhe kum akal ki chai ki patti Hey you tea powder of a soft headed mind Comedy, Food 3. Yeh toh underwear dost nikle They turned out to be underwear (old) friends Clothes, Friendship, Comedy 4. Thoda thoda karke peena chahiye na, aadha tum aadha mai, dheere dheere You should drink little little right, half you half m, slowly slowly Comedy, Food 5. Aye hawai jahaj pack kar cha, samaan mein baithke jaana hai fatafat Hey you pack the airplan, we have to sit in the luggage and go quickly Comedy, Transportation 6. Ye perfume ki khushboo ki smell kidhar se aa rahi hai, Where is this smell of perfume coming from, Comedy 1. Yeh kaun hai yaa, chalu episode mein commercial break ki tarah beech mein aa jata hai Who is this person, he is coming in between like a commercial break in a running episode Comedy 1. Karate ho ke lif, dard se hi mard banta hai Be it karate or lif, its pain that makes a man Men, Action, Life
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