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1. Har aadmi mein do tarah ki quality hoti ha, upar le jaane waali aur neeche le jaane waal, aur dono mein se Joquality jeet jaati ha, woh vaisi zindagi jee jaata hai In every person there are two types of qualitie, the one that takes you up and the one that takes you dow, and the quality that wins between these tw, the person lives that kind of life Inspiration, Life 2. Zero bhi bade kaam ki cheez hoti ha, agar use karne waala uski value pakd, sahi jagah par laga d, toh saale ko jitni baar lagaog, utna hi fayda hoga Zero is a very useful thin, if the one using it understands it's valu, if you apply it in the right plac, then how many ever times you apply i, that much profitable you'll be Inspiration, Money 3. Jab khoon pasina ek saath kagaz par chapta hai n, table bed ban jaati hai aur office gha, bhook pyas bhool jaati ha, baal bachche rul jaate ha, tab jaake saali company banti hai When blood and sweat are printed together on a pape, when the table becomes the bed and the office becomes the hom, when hunger forgets the thirs, then a company is made Business, Drama 1. Imaandari insaan ko footpath pe leke jaati hai Honesty takes a human onto the sidewalk Truth, Social

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