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1. Raajniti mein murde kabhie gaade nahi jaat? unhein zinda rakha jaata hai taaki time aane par wo bolein. The dead bodie are never buried in politic? they are kept alive so that they would speak at the right time comes Political, Dumdaar 2. Karaara jawab milega! They would get a counterblast! Action, Short 3. Aasman mein thuknewale ko shayad ye pata nahi hai ke palat ke thuk unhee ke chehrepar giregi Those who spit towards sky may do not know that the spittle will fall back on their own face General 1. Mumbai ka king kaun, Bhiku Mhatre Who is the king of Mumbai, Bhiku Mhatre Rowdyism 2. Karna ha, toh karna hai If we have to do i, we have to do it Rowdyism 1. Yeh shining India ha, yahan oonchi shiksha ke liye oonche log koi bhi oonchi keemat dene ko tayaar hai This is shining Indi, here rich people are ready to pay a high price for higher education Education, Money 2. Aap the zer, hai zer, aur aap hamesha rahenge zero You were a zer, are a zer, and you'll always remain a zero Drama 1. Chupe chupe se sarkar nazar aate ha, dil ki barbaadi ke aasaar nazar aate hai I see that my friend is hidin, and it seems like my heart is going to be destroyed Poetic, Comedy 1. Keh ke lenge uski We will tell him and knock him out Action 2. Itna goli maart, ki aapka driver bhi khali khoka bech bechkar rayees ban jaata I will hit you with so many bullet, that even your driver will become rich selling the empty boxes Action, Comedy 3. Zara soongh ke batao Mantriji nashta mein ka khaye hai Please smell and tell me what the Minister has had for breakfast Food, Politics, Comedy 1. Yeh looteri sarkar ki police hai This police is of the thug government Government, Police 1. Badshah ki gali mein aake uska pata nahi poocht, ghulamo ke jhuke hue sarr khud ba khud raasta bata dete hai You don't come to a kings street and ask for his addres, the bowed heads of the slaves will show the path by themselves Royal, Drama 1. Maal chahiye chokh, toh note karo ji mota If you want good merchandiz, then you need to shed good money Money, Comedy

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