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1. School ka time trying to be man aur college mein clean shave se tangi. Arey kaun kare itni baar shave We tries to be man in school and have a problem with a clean shave in school. Who will shave so many times! Comedy, School, College, Guys 2. Sabko yeh clear tha ke life mein karna kya hai par kaise wohi to pata laga rahe thay Evereone knows what to do in life but how? That's what we were trying to find out? Life, Comedy 3. Ek cheez clear thi life goes on speed and we loved it One thing was clear that life goes on with speed and we loved it Life 4. Ho sake to breaking news ki jagah sach chhap dena If possibl? then print truth instead of breaking news News, Truth 5. Hamein is desh ke logon ko samjhaana hai ki yeh desh sirf in mantriyon ka nahin hum sabka hai We have to explain to the people of this country that this country doesn't belongs to politicians onl? it belongs to all of us Country, Social, Political 6. Zinda aadmi ki baat par koi vishwas nahin karta magar marte huye aadami ki baat sab sunte hain No one believes what a living person says but everybody listens to what a dying man says Death, Negative, Social 7. Enquiry commission saalon saal enquiry karti hai lekin kisi politician ko saza kyun nahin milti. Karodon rupaye waste ho jaate hain comission banaane mei? ek enquiry comission ki report achchi nahin lagti to uske review ke liye dusri comission bithayi jaati hai. Khule aam enquiry kyun nahin hoti? Hamare neta hamre sawaalon ke kya jawab dete hai? hum kyun nahin jaan sakte? Aakhir paise toh hamare hain! Enquiry commission enquires for years and years but why politicians never get punished? Crores of rupees gets wasted in making a comissio? if the report of one commission is not liked then another commission is made to review it. Why the enquiry doesn't happens publicly? Why cannot we learn about what our politicians replies to our questions? After all the money is ours! Law, Justice, Political, Social, Long

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