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1. Jab sharafat ke kapde utarte ha, tab sabse zyada mazaa sharifon ko hi aata hai When the clothes of honesty fal, then the honest people enjoy the most Truth, Social, Clothes, Comedy 2. Public samaan dekhti ha, dukaan nahin People look at the good, not the shop Business 3. Heroine ki zindagi is like an elected governmen, paanch saal tak part, uske baad support The life of a heroine is like an elected governmen, party for 5 year, after that support Government, Comedy 1. Phatta poste, nikla hero! The hero came ou, tearing the poster! Comedy 2. Nakhoon Jouthaya toh khoon kar deg, kadam Jobadaya toh dum todh dega If you raise your nail then I will kill yo, and if you come forward then you will die Poetic, Action 3. Apna joru na jaat, Allah miya se naata I don't have a wife or anyon, I am only related to God Religious, Comedy 4. Yeh hai mere dos, khate nahi ghos, naam ka Bhagwan ha, dil ka insaan ha, is hi ki meharbaani se gadha pehalwan hai He is my friend who doesn't eat mea, his name is Bhagwa, he is good at hear, and because of him things are going great Poem, Friendship, Comedy 5. Main bola picture chalengi toh chaleng, silver jubile, house ful, main pass nahi kiya toh picture ka dabba gul If I said that the movie will do goo, then it wil, silver jubile, house ful, and if I don't pass the movi, then it is a flop Poetic, Comedy 1. Maine cheer haran ka idea drop kar diya hai I have dropped the idea of denuding Comedy 1. Hamare ghav bahut gehre ha, woh itni aasani se nahin bharne waale My wounds are very dee, they will not heal this easily Drama, Sad 2. Kuch hosh nahi reht, kuch dhayan nahi reht, insaan mohabbat mein insaan nahi rehta There is no consciousnes, there is no attentio, a human is not a human when in love Poetic, Romance 3. Aapke mehmaan hai toh hum inke kadardaan hai If he is your guest then I am his appreciator Guest 4. Arre janaa, aaj kal toh music companyon ko ghazal ki dhun bhi disco jaisi chahiye Si, the music companies today want even the tune of a poem to be just like disco Music, Comedy 1. Jisne kam mein jeena seekh liy, usse kabhi kami nahi hoti One who learns to live in les, never feels he has less Drama 1. Rishwat khao aur rishwat khilao Take bribe and give bribe Comedy
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