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1. Yeh dhande mein do cheezo pe kabhi bharosa nahi karna chahiy, ek toh khud se pehda hone waale khauf p, aur doosra kisi ke saath pe In this business you should never trust two thing, one the fear that is born within yo, and second the company of anyone Business, Drama 1. Paida to main bhi shareef hua tha par sharafat se apani kabhie nahin bani I was born honest too but I was never able to get along with honesty. Rowdism, Honesty 2. Koyi ummeed bar nahin aati, koyi surat nazar nahin aati, maut to ek din moiyyan hai, nind raat bhar kyun nahin aati. Pahle aati thi haal-e-dil pe hansi, ab kisi baat pe nahin aati There is no hope to be found, there is no resolution to be sought, death is destined to come one day, but why can't I fall asleep at night. Earlier I laughed at the state of my heart, but now I couldn't laugh at anything Shayari, Life, Death 3. Zara hum bhi to dekhen hum se bada shaitan kaun aa gaya Let's see that who is born that is even a bigger devil than me Negative 4. Jise zindgi ki parvaah hoti hai, maa kasam maarne ka maza usi ko aata hai The one who cares for his life, I swear on my mother, it is enjoyable to kill that one. Death, Negative

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