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1. Kaam loafer ke aur baatein soldier ki You behave like an idler and talk like a soldier Comedy 1. Maa chahe vaishya ho yah kisi ghar ki bah, maa sirf maa hoti hai Whether a mom is a daughter-in-law or a prostitut, a mother is a mother Parents, Drama 1. Main zindagi mein sab kuch baant sakti hoon par tumhe nah, tum sirf mere h, sirf mere I can share everything in life except yo, you are only min, only mine Romance, Life 1. Zindagi mein kabhi kabhi pagalpan bahut zaroori hota hai Sometimes craziness is very important in life Life, Comedy 1. Aane waale kal ke liye umeedein karne se vadiya ha, aasi aaj nu behtar banaye Better than hoping for tomorro, is to make your today better Inspiration 1. Tumhe kis baat pe zyada gussa aata ha, apni nakaamyabi s, ya meri kaamyabi par, What gets you angry mor, your failur, or my success, Defeat & Failure, Win, Strong will, Success

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