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1. Main roz kanoon banata hoon aur roz todhta hoon I make the law everyday and break it everyday Law, Justice 2. Kanoo, kanoo, kanoo, kaunsa kanoo, main apne liye khud kanoon hoon La, la, la, which la, I am the law for myself Law, Justice 3. Maut hi ek aaisi sachchai hai Joatal ha, jisse koi bhaag nahi sakta Death is one truth which is fir, no one can run away from it Death, Drama 1. Sher dildar hua karte hai aur kutte wafaada, na tum sher nikle aur na kutte Tigers are generous and dogs are loya, you are neither a tiger nor a dog Animals 1. Is kamine ki haddiyon ka toh main soorma banaonga I will crush the bones of this sneaky person Action 2. Pratap ke haath itne lambe ha, ke tujhe jahanum se bhi ghaseet laaye The hands of Pratap are so lon, that they will pull you from hell also Drama 1. Jawani ayaashi ka ek khoobsurat mauka hai Youth is an opportunity for profligacy Comedy 1. Duniya mein bahut si aaisi baatein hoti hai Jonamumkin nazar aati ha, lekin agar insaan himaat se kaam kare aur woh sachcha ha, toh jeet ussi ki hoti hai There are so many things in the world that appear impossibl, but if a person acts with courage and if he is truthfu, then he will win Inspiration, Courage, Win, Strong will, Success

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