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1. Babu Mushoy! Zindagi badi honi chahiye! Lambi nahin! Babu Mosha? Life must be large! Not long! Inspiration, Life 2. Babu Mushoy! Zindagi aur maut uparwale ke hath hai
Usey na to aap badal sakate hain na main.
Hum sab toh rang-manch ki kathputliyaan hain jinki dor uppar wale ki oongliyon mein bandhi hain.
Mister Moshaye! Life and death is only controlled by the hands of GOD.
You cannot alter it and neither can I.
All of us are merely the puppets on the stage whose strings are tied up in GOD's fingers.
Death, Life, GOD, Popular 3. Jab tak zinda hoon tab tak mara nahin
Jab mar gaya saala main hi nahin
Until I am aliv? I am not dead
When I am died then I don't even exists.
Life, Death, Inspiration 4. Ka? kau? kaise uthega? Yeh koyi nahi bata sakta hai No one can tell that wh? whe? how someone will die. Life, Death 5. Hum aanewale gham ko khinch taan kar aaj ki khushi pe le aate hain. Aur us khushi mein zeher ghol dete hain. We strech and cloud the upcoming sorrows over today's happiness and poisons that happiness. Life 6. Maut to ik pal hai. Death is a momoent only. Death, Short 7. Ye bhi to nahi kah sakt? meri umra tujhe lag jaaye. I cannot even say that my age sum up to yours. Emotional 8. Jeena to Bambai mei? marna to Bambai mein. I will live in Bambai(Mumbai) and will die also here. Places 1. Main is jhoot ko itne bade sach mein badal doong, ki woh sach ke sivah aur kuch nahi rahega I will transform this lie into such a big trut, that it will be nothing but the truth Cheating, Truth, Social, Drama 2. Main woh bala hoon Jojooton se tum jaise kutton ke sarr phodta hoon I am that trouble who breaks the head of dogs like you with shoes Action, Clothes, Animals 3. Doosro ki daulat ke pankh logon ko gharon se dur le jaate ha, aur yeh pankh jinhe lag jaate ha, woh wapis ghar lautkar kabhi nahi aate The feathers of money from others take people away from their home, and whoever gets these feather, they never return back home Money, House, Drama 4. Pati ke liye patni punya ka saathi hoti hai A wife is a companion of virtue for a husband Married, Drama 5. Kanoon ki koi bhi kitaab zindagi ki kitaab se badhkar nahi ho sakti No book of law can be bigger than the book of life Law, Justice, Life, Drama 1. Main marne se pehle marna nahin chahta I don't want to die before dying Death, Inspiration 2. Cancer ke keedon ke samn, na meri zindagi ki koi keemat ha, na tumhare aasuoon ki In front of the bugs of cance, there is no value of my lif, nor of your tears Life, Sad, Drama
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