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1. Yeh khuda ke roop mein insaan ha, yah insaan ke roop mein khuda Is he a human in the guise of Go, or is he God in the guise of a human Religious, Drama 2. Azaadi har insaan ka paidayashi haq hai Independence is the birthright of every person Inspiration 1. Kabhi toh pehli mulaqat hi kaafi hoti ha, aur kabhi bahut si mulaqatein lag jaati hai Sometimes the first meeting is enoug, and sometimes it takes a lot of meetings Romance 2. Log burre thodi na hote ha, achche logon par bas burra waqt aa jaata hai People are not ba, it's just that good people also have bad times Inspiration, Drama 1. You can kiraaye pe lease it You can lease it on a lease Comedy 1. Hum mein jaise hi lagta hai ki hum mein apni zindagi par pura control ha, zindagi humse yeh control le leti hai The moment we think we have full control over our lif, life takes away that control from us Life, Drama 2. Dosti Johar rishtey se upar ha, kyun ki dosti hi hai Johar rishtey ki shuruvat hai Friendship is above every relationshi, because it is friendship that is the start of every relation Friendship, Drama 3. Apne itne aasani se thodi nah milte hai You don't find near and dear ones so easily Drama 4. Hum apni zindagi se judhe koi bhi bade faisle nahi le sakt, woh sab zindagi hamare liye le leti hai We cannot take any big decisions connected to our lif, life takes them for us Life, Drama 1. Dhuk toh muft mein milte ha, lekin sukh ki keemat toh deni hi padti hai Sorrow comes free of cos, but for happiness one has to pay the price Sad, Happiness, Drama 2. Ek vaishya kabhi kisi ka bhala nahi kar sakt, woh sirf gharon ko todh sakti hai A prostitute can never do good for anyon, she can only break homes Drama 1. Mardon ka asli rang shaadi ke baad pata chalta ha, shaadi se pehle train h, bus h, bheedh ho har jagah gale padh jaate ha, aur shaadi ke baad gale lagate hue bhi sharm aati hai The true color of men is known after marriag, before marriage they are everywhere in the trai, bu, crow, and after marriage they feel shy even to hug you Men, Wedding, Transportation 2. Agar main fail ho gayi toh mujhe hi taye pe talogi tum If I fail then you will fry me in the pan Education, Comedy 1. Mera sapna hai toh main hoo, nahi toh main kuch bhi nahi hoon If my dream is there then I am ther, otherwise I am nothing Dreams 2. Jinne vade lo, unne chote kapde The bigger the people ar, the smaller their clothing is Clothes, Comedy
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