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1. Pyar dimaag se nah, dil se kiya jaata hai You love from your hear, not from your mind Romance 2. Mere nazar mein saree ki neeche dikhne waali pairon ki halki si jhala, skirt ki neeche dikhne waali poori nangi taango se kai zyada dilkash hai Under my impression the small glimpse of the feet under a sare, is much more appealing than the bare legs that can be seen below the skirt Clothes, Drama 3. Hamesha yahi hota hai ki pyar aankhon se shuru hokar dil mein utarta ha, lekin hamara pyar dil se shuru hokar aankhon tak pohchega Always love starts from the eyes and then reaches the hear, but our love will start from the heart and will then reach the eyes Romance 4. Har cheez pehli baar bilkul nayi hoti ha, aur phir dheere dheere uski aadat ho jaati hai For the first time everything is ne, and then slowly slowly we get used to it Drama 5. Mera pyar hi mera ghar ha, meri chahat hi meri car hai aur meri pavitrata hi mera bank balance hai My love is my hous, my passion is my car and my purity is my bank balance Drama, House, Transportation

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