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1. Jab tak ek bhai bol raha ha, ek bhai sun raha ha, jab ek mujrim boleg, ek police officer sunega Until a brother is talkin, a brother will liste, when a criminal will tal, a cop will listen Family, Crime, Police 2. Mere paas maa hai I have mom Parents, Drama 3. Zyada paisa aaye toh neend nahi aat, neend aaye toh zyada paisa nahi aata When a lot of money comes then you can't slee, and when you sleep a lot of money can't come Money, Comedy 4. Yeh duniya ek third class ka dibba ban gayi ha, jagah bahut kam ha, musafir zyada This world has become a third grade plac, the space is very less and people are more World & Universe 5. Bha, tum sign karoge ya nahin, Brothe, will you sign or no, Drama 6. Car se aane waale aksar derr se aate hai People who come by car are usually late Transportation, Drama 7. Jis raaste par main chal raha hoon uska anjaam shayad bura bhi ho sakta ha, lekin jis raaste pe tum chal rahe ho uska anjaam sirf bura hi hota hai bhai The path that I am on may result in something ba, but the path that you are on will definitely result into something bad Drama 1. Iss duniya mein aadmi insaan ban jay, toh bahut badi baat hai In this world if a man becomes a huma, then it will be a pretty big thing Drama 2. Main zara romantic kisam ka aadmi hoo, shaadi ke baad ishq karna toh chhod diya ha, is liye biwi se romance karke kaam chala leta hoon I am a slightly romantic perso, and I have stopped flirting after marriag, that's why I live around by romancing with my wife Married, Wedding, Comedy 1. Zulm aur paap ka khel toh hamesha zaalimo aur paapiyo ki zindagi ke saath hi khatam hota hai The game of injustice and sin always ends with the death of ruthless and sinful people Death, Drama 2. Aaj se tum hamare dost h, saathi h, bhai ho From today you are our frien, our partne, our brother Friendship, Family 1. Tu sarkar aur janta ko loot-ta ha, aur main tujh jaise looteron ko You steal from the government and peopl, and I steal from stealers like you Government 2. Upar waala aaj tak jise na pehchaan paya usse main kya pehchaonga How can I identify someone who has not been identified by God to date Drama 3. Yahan Jobhi aata ha, hamari marzi ki bagair bahar nahin jaata hai Whoever comes her, does not go out without my permission Rowdyism 1. Hum gayab hone waalo mein se nahi ha, jahan jahan se guzharte hai jalwe dikhate ha, dost toh ky, dushman bhi yaad rakhte hai I am not someone who will vanis, from wherever I pass I show my talen, not only friend, even my enemies remember me Enemy, Comedy
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