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1. Mujhe toh yahan har mard ki nazar mein sirf bhook aur havas nazar aati ha, lekin Arjun ki nazar mein mujhe imaan aur izzat nazar aati hai Here in every mans eyes I see only hunger and gree, but in Arjun's eyes I see faith and respect Men, Drama 1. Zindagi mein paise zyada bhale hi h, kam kabhi nahi padne chahiye In life it is OK to have more mone, but you should never have less Money, Life 1. Perfect aadmi sirf kitaabon mein milte hai Perfect men are found only in books Men, Comedy 2. Shaadi aur kuch sikhaye na sikhay, acting karna sikha deti hai Marriage may teach you a few thing, but it definitely teaches you how to act Wedding, Comedy

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