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1. Goli maar maarke ek ek aadmi ki laash ko sadak pe us tarah phekeng, jaise juari jua khelte table pe taash ke patte phekta hai I will shoot each and every one and throw their dead body on the roa, just like a gambler throws the cards on the table when he is playing Action, Gambling 1. Rangeen zamana hai mausam suhana ha, chhodo bhi ab yeh shara, nazarein Jokarti hai nazaron se baatei, chal woh karen baat hum The era is colorful and the weather is beautifu, now don't be sh, let's have a conversation just like the eyes communicate with the eyes Poetic, Romance, Weather 1. Aaj sharaab ki lehren baha d, Jobhi aaye tumhare bar mein usse whiskey se nehla do Let the waves of alcohol flow toda, bathe anyone who comes to your bar in whiskey Poetic, Food

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