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1. Hamare dhande mein maafi nahi chalt, sirf luck chalti hai In our business apology doesn't wor, only luck works Business, Destiny, Luck 2. Jab hum offer karte ha, toh koi hum mein inkaar bhi nahi karta When I offer somethin, then no one says no Rowdyism 1. Bade bade dekhe hai, lekin aapse bada nahin I have seen very big peopl, but none bigger than you Comedy 2. Hindustanio ke samn, Hindustan ko jalane ki baatein nahi karte In front of Indian', don't talk about burning India Patriotism 3. Isse toh software or underwear ka bhi farak pata nahi He doesn't even know the difference between software and underwear Technical, Clothes, Comedy 1. Hum toh kisi doosre ki dharti par nazar bhi nahi dalt, lekin itne nalayak bachche bhi nahi ha, ki koi hamari dharti maa par nazar daale aur hum chup chap dekhte rahe We don't even eye on someone elses lan, but we are not so unworthy kid, that we will sit quiet if someone eyes on our land Patriotism, Drama 2. Meri zubaan s, mere haath zyada achcha bolte hai My hands do the talking better than my mouth Action 3. Mohabbat aur pagalpan ka bahut purana rishta hai Love and madness have a very old relation Romance 4. Shayad tum nahi jaant, yeh dharti sher bhi pehda karti hai May be you don't kno, this land also gives birth to tigers Patriotism, Animals 5. Khilono se khelte khelt, bachche jawan ho jaate hai Playing with toy, turns kids into youth Comedy 1. Main tumhe bhool jaon yeh ho nahi sakt, aur tum mujhe bhool jao yeh main hone nahi doonga Me forgetting you is never going to happe, and you forgetting me I won't let that happen Romance 2. Meri kismat mujhpe kya roheg, tumhari mohabbat Jomere saath hai My destiny can't cry on m, your love is there with me Destiny, Luck, Romance 3. Koi bhi mazaak karl, lekin apne se bichadne ki baat mazaak mein bhi mat karna You can joke about anythin, but don't talk about separating from you even in a joke also Romance 4. Tumhare haathon mein woh rekhayein ha, Jomere haathon mein nahi ha, tumhare maathe pe woh lakeerein ha, Jomere maathe par nahi hai You have those palm lines on your han, which I don't have on my han, and the destiny you have on your forehea, I don't have that on my forehead Destiny, Luck, Drama 5. Kyun main jeet ke bhi haar gay, aur woh haar kar bhi jeet gaya, Why did I lose even after winnin, and why did he win even after losing, Win, Strong will, Success, Defeat & Failure, Drama
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