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1. Ab saare neta log hawaale ke chakkar mein hawalat ke chakkar khaayenge. Now all the politicians will be imprisioned in relation to Hawaala (Money Laundering). Social, Justice, Law 2. Ab saare neta log hawala ke chakkar mein hawalat ke chakkar khayenge Now all politicians will be imprisoned because of money laundering Politics, Money, Comedy 1. Sher ke panjon se hirni chhut sakti ha, makari ke jaal se makhkhi chhut sakti ha, magar Zantala ke haathon se ladki nahi chhut sakti A deer can escape from the tigers paw, a mosquito can escape from the spiders we, but a girl cannot escape from the hands of Zantala Animals, Action 1. Ladki ko bhagake laane mein ek bahut bada faida ha, ladki baar baar maa baap ke paas jaane ki dhamki toh nahi degi There is one big advantage in running with the girl in hidin, she won't threaten you every time about going back to her parents house Parents, House, Comedy 1. Hamare is kaale dhande mein zindagi aur maut ka khel toh chalta hi rehta hai The game of life and death keeps going on in our illegal business Life, Death

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