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1. Jis din naam bataong, us din ke baad kabhi bhulega nahin tu The day I tell you my nam, you won't forget it after that day Drama 1. Kabhi aadmi leke nikalta ha, kabhi kutte lek, akele nikla ka, mard hone ka ehsaas ho jayega Sometimes you leave with me, sometimes you leave with dog, try leaving alon, you will realize what a man is Men, Animals, Action 2. Isse bachane mein mera koi fayda nah, aur tujhe todh daalne mein mera koi nuksaan nahi I am not going to profit by saving he, and I won't be at a loss in breaking you Action 3. Ladki ka peecha chhod de varna tere itne aadmi mareng, ki tujh jaisa tenth fail lashein bhi nahi gin payega Stop following girl or else so many of your men will di, that a tenth grade fail person like you won't even be able to count the dead bodies Action 4. Main baat se zaat jaan jaata hoo, aur harkato se aukaad I come to know the caste of a person from word, and the standard from his acts Drama 5. Joapne peeche nishaan chhodte ha, aksar unka naam aur nishaan mitt jaata hai Those who leave a mark behind the, usually their name and mark gets erased Drama 6. Jolog sirf tamasha dekhte ha, unka aksar tamasha ban jaata hai People who only watch the entertainmen, usually they become the entertainment Comedy 1. Jab galati karna zaroori ho jay, toh maafi pehle se hi maang leni chahiye When it becomes necessary to commit a mistak, then you should apologize before hand Inspiration, Drama

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