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1. Bandookon aur talwaaron se sirf insaanon ka khoon behta ha, faisle nahi hote Guns and swords can only shed the blood of human, they cannot be used to make decisions Drama 1. Yeh sachai ka bazaar ha, yahan usool na beche jaate ha, na khareede jaate hai This is the market of trut, here neither ideals are sol, and neither they are bought Truth, Social, Drama 2. Har reporter ki tarah meri ragon mein bhi khoon ki jagah roshnai behti ha, aur jab tak woh roshnai behti raheg, mera kalam sachai likhte hue kaanpega nahi Just like every reporter ink flows in my veins instead of bloo, and until that ink is flowin, my pen will not tremble to write the truth Truth, Social, Drama

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