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1. Bike ho ya gha? handle hamesha apane hath mei? warna bhabhi kabhie izzat nahin karegi Whether itís a bike or your hom? handle(control) should be in your own hands otherwise my sister-in-law (Bhabhi) will not give repect to you Social, Comedy 2. Bande bike kyun chalaate hain? Macho dikhne ke liye.
Jeans kyun pahante hain? Macho dikhne ke liye.
Why do guys ride bike? To look macho.
Why do they wear jeans? To look macho.
Comedy, Guys 1. Jab uparwaale ne teir kismat mein nimboo diya ha, toh bet, uska nimboo sharbat bana na When God has given you a lemon in your destin, then my so, make lemon juice from it Food, Destiny, Luck, Comedy 2. Joaadmi apne aap mein jeeta ha, woh finally apne aap se baatein bhi karta hai A person who lives within himsel, finally starts talking to himself Drama 3. Aadmi front page pe photo waali kahani zindagi bhar ky, marne ke baad bhi suna sakta hai A person can talk about his photo on the front page for lif, and also after he dies Comedy 4. Duniya ussiko dabaati hai Jodabta hai The world applies pressure on the person who gets pressurized Drama

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