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Suresh Oberoi 23rd March 1931 Shaheed dialogues
1. Jazbaat aur josh ki umar zyada nahi hua karti The life of emotion and passion is not long Drama
Sunny Deol 23rd March 1931 Shaheed dialogues
1. Shareer jitna adhik sukh paata ha, utna hi adhik sukh chahta hai The more comfort a body get, the more comfort it asks for Drama
Divya Dutta 23rd March 1931 Shaheed dialogues
1. Savera hone se pehl, andhera bahut gehra ho jaata hai Before the morning come, the darkness gets very deep Drama
Bobby Deol 23rd March 1931 Shaheed dialogues
1. Is ghulam Hindustan mein agar meri shaadi hu, toh sirf maut se hog, aur mere baraati honge is watan ki aan mein kurbaan hone waale shaheed If I get married in this enslaved Indi, then I will get married only to deat, and the martyrs who have sacrificed their life for the pride of this country will be in my wedding procession Patriotism, Wedding, Death 2. Woh hum mein maar sakte ha, lekin hamare khayalo ko nah, humaare maqsad ko nahi They can kill u, but not our thought, not our motive Patriotism, Drama 3. Hindustani hai hu, Hindustan hai hamar, mudh jao Simon jahan desh hai tumhara We are Indians and India is our, go away Simon to where your country is Patriotism 4. Bhook mazboot se mazboot aadmi ko todh deti hai Hunger can break the strongest of the strongest person Drama 5. Soora so pehchaniye Jolare deen ke he, purja purja kat marr, kabh hoon na chhade khet One who fights for the underprivileged is brav, and also sacrifices himself slain to piece, but does not give up the hearth Poetic, Courage, Patriotism 6. Sirf pistol aur bomb kabhi inquilaab nahi la sakt, balki inquilaab ki talwar vichaaron ki saan par tezz hoti hai Revolution cannot be brought with pistol and bomb alon, instead the sword of revolution gets sharpened on the platform of ideas Patriotism, Inspiration, Drama 7. Inquilaab ke liye kurbaanio ki zaroorat hoti ha, khoon ki zaroorat hoti hai For a revolution you need sacrifice, you need blood Patriotism, Inspiration, Drama 8. Yahan insaaf nahi hone waal, yahan sirf jhoot kaha jayeg, jhoot suna jayega aur jhoot likha jayega There is not going to be any justice done her, here only the lies will be sai, the lies will be heard and the lies will be written Cheating, Drama
Anonymous 23rd March 1931 Shaheed dialogues
1. Lakh baando tum hum mein zanjeer s, waqt par niklenge phir bhi teer se No matter how much you tie me in shackle, I will still come out as an arrow on time Poetic, Action, Time
Amrita Singh 23rd March 1931 Shaheed dialogues
1. Marna toh ek din hum sabko hi ha, lekin maut aaisi ho jise sab yaad rakhe We all have to die one da, but the death should be something that everyone remembers Death, Inspiration
Akshay Anand 23rd March 1931 Shaheed dialogues
1. Yeh jitne ghaav hai seene p, sab phoolon ke ghuche ha, hum mein pagal hi rehne d, hum pagal hi achche hai The wounds that I have on my ches, are all bouquets of flower, let me remain ma, I am better of being mad Poetic, Action, Plants

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