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Paresh Rawal Aakrosh dialogues
1. Total sarvanash! Total destruction! Rowdyism 2. Jail to hamra sasural hai bhaiy, roz item girl party hogi Brothe, prison is my in-laws hom, everyday there will be a party with dancer girls Comedy
Anonymous Aakrosh dialogues
1. Talwar utha le aur apne adhikar ko cheen ke nahi, kaat ke le Take the sword and don't snatch your right, cut and take them Action
Ajay Devgan Aakrosh dialogues
1. Confidence bahut kutti cheez ha, agar nishane pe lag jaye to kamaal ha, warna bawaal hai Confidence is a bad thin, if its on target then its grea, else its chaos Drama 2. Barood ke canister pe behet ke Diwali nahi manayi jaati ha, barood ke canister se manayi jaati hai You don't celebrate Diwali by sitting on the canister of gunpowde, you celebrate by using the canister of gunpowder Action, Festival 3. Insaan ki jaat usse achcha bura nahi banat, uske karam usse achcha bura banate hai A person's caste does not make him good or ba, his deeds make him good or bad Drama

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