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Vikram Gokhale Agneepath Old dialogues
1. Tum apni maut ki taraf chal nah, balki daud rahe ho You are not walking towards your deat, infact you are running towards it Death, Drama
Rohini Hattangadi Agneepath Old dialogues
1. Insaan bhi pehle janwar th, sadiyan lagi usse janwar se insaan banne mei, lekin tujhe insaan se janwar banne mein zara bhi waqt nahi laga A human was also an animal befor, it took him ages to turn into a human from an anima, but it hardly took you time to turn into an animal from a human Animals, Drama 2. Sirf tere haath hi nah, tera sharee, teri aatm, sab maile ho chuke hai Not only your hand, even your bod, your sou, everything has become dirty Drama
Danny Denzongpa Agneepath Old dialogues
1. Apna ussool kehta ha, har galati ki saza maut ha, sirf maut! My rule says tha, every mistakes punishment is deat, only death! Death, Action 2. Apna ussool kehta ha, jab dushman ki umar badh jaaye toh usse dosti karl, apni umar badh jaati hai My rule says tha, when the life of your enemy increases then befriend hi, it increases your life also Enemy, Friendship, Life 3. Kamzor ki dost, taqatwar ke vaar ko kam kar deti hai Friendship with the wea, makes the attack of a strong person weak Friendship, Drama 4. Apna ussool kehta ha, daayen haath se jurm kar, baayen haath ko pata bhi na chale My rule says tha, when you commit the crime with your right han, your left hand should not even come to know about it Crime, Drama 5. Apna ussool kehta ha, agar fayda ho toh jhoot ko sach maan l, dushman ko dost bana lo My rule says tha, if you see the benefi, then treat the lie as the trut, and make the enemy your friend Enemy, Friendship, Drama 6. Agar aaisa ho gaya toh apna khopdi phir jayeg, aur tumhara mundi kat jayega If this happens then my head will spi, and your head will be chopped Action
Amitabh Bachchan Agneepath Old dialogues
1. Dushman se agar fayda h, toh usko apna dost banalo If you see any benefit from the enem, then make him your friend Enemy, Friendship 2. Vijay Dinanath Chauha, poora naam Vijay Dinanath Chauha, is my full name Rowdyism 3. Sawaal jis zabaan mein kiya jay, jawaab us hi zabaan mein dena chahiye The tone is which the question is aske, the answer should also be given in that tone Drama 4. Is duniya mein tarakki karne ke liy, na bolna bahut zaroori hai To make progress in this worl, it is very important to say no Drama 5. Waqt pe pahunchneka apna purana aadat hai It is my old habit to be on time Time 6. Kehne ko yeh shehar ha, sirf kehne k, par idhar jungle ka kanoon chalta hai Only to say this is a cit, only to sa, but here the laws of the jungle work Places, Law, Justice
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