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Tanvi Azmi Anjaana Anjaani dialogues
1. Jab koi marta ha, toh akela nahi marta When someone die, they don't die alone Drama
Ranbir Kapoor Anjaana Anjaani dialogues
1. Marne ke liye tumhe kitne bhi reasons mil jay, jeene ke liye bas ek hi wajah kaafi hoti hai No matter how many reasons you'll get for dyin, to live you only need one reason Inspiration, Drama 2. Mujhe tumhe waise dekhne mein koi interest nahi hai I have no interest in seeing you that way Comedy 3. Ladkiya hamesha ek doosre se aaise kyun milti ha, jaise abhi abhi pagal khane se nikli ho Why do girls always meet each other in a wa, as if they have just come out from a mental hospital Women, Comedy 4. Ho jeb mein jab sirf pachaas dolla, pooche kyun sawaal aaise uthake colla, jode hai humne paise gin gi, ho sadaa pyara motel "Happy Inn" When you only have 50 dollars in your pocke, then why do you raise your collar and ask a questio, we have collected money bit by bi, and hence we'll go to our loveable motel "Happy Inn" Poem, Money, Comedy 5. Mujhe susu aayi hai I need to pee Comedy
Priyanka Chopra Anjaana Anjaani dialogues
1. Pata nahi tum kaun se zamane se transport ho kar aaye ho Not sur, from what era have you been transported Comedy 2. Woh wish hi kya Joaasaan h, jisse paane mein na ho todhi si lada, mile toh lage kuch hai paay, varna zindagi toh humne bus yun hi bitai A wish must not be easy and there should be a small battle in achieving i, and when it gets fulfille, it should feel that you have achieved something otherwise we have lived our lives just like that Poetic, Inspiration

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