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Tinnu Anand Chandra Mukhi dialogues
1. Sher ke panjon se hirni chhut sakti ha, makari ke jaal se makhkhi chhut sakti ha, magar Zantala ke haathon se ladki nahi chhut sakti A deer can escape from the tigers paw, a mosquito can escape from the spiders we, but a girl cannot escape from the hands of Zantala Animals, Action
Sridevi Chandra Mukhi dialogues
1. Insaan daulat ke liye apno ka khoon bhi baha deta hai A person can shed the blood of his own people for money Money, Drama
Pran Chandra Mukhi dialogues
1. Hamare business ka ek ussool ha, ke rupiya do toh ginn ke d, rupiya lo toh ginn ke lo There is one rule in our busines, that count the money when you giv, and count the money when you take Business, Money
Gulshan Grover Chandra Mukhi dialogues
1. Pedh ke phal wohi khaata ha, Jopedh ki daali par baitha hota hai Only the person who sits on the branch of a tre, can eat the fruit from that tree Plants, Food, Comedy 2. Kaale jadoo ka asar insaano par hota ha, hum jaise shaitaano par nahi Black magic can only affect human, not devils like us Comedy

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