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Vivek Oberoi Company dialogues
1. Mali, tu aur teri yeh compan, khallas Mali, you and your compan, finish Business 2. Ab tak Jokhoon is company ko banane mein laga n, wohi khoon is company ko barbaad karne mein lagega The blood that was used so far to build this compan, that same blood will now be used to destroy this company Business, Drama 3. Agar company mere bina chal sakti hai n, toh main bhi company ke bina chal sakta hoon If the company can run without m, then even I can run without the company Business 4. Udhne se pehl, udha diye jaoge Before you fl, you'll be shot Action
Anonymous Company dialogues
1. Maut se zyad, maut ka darr kaam ka hai More than deat, the scare of death is useful Death
Ajay Devgan Company dialogues
1. Hamare dhande mein ek galati ko maaf karn, usse bhi badi galati hai In our business to forgive one mistak, is a bigger mistake Business, Drama 2. Jiski nazar game se hat, samjho woh game se hat gaya One who takes his eye away from the gam, then he is gone from the game Sports, Defeat & Failure 3. Duniya mein har kaam fayde ke liye kiya jata hai In this worl, every work is done for profit Business 4. Yahan koi bhi jab chahe bharti ho sakta ha, magar istifa nahin de sakta Here anyone can join anytim, but cannot resign Rowdyism 5. Khaas aadmiyo ko yeh bhi yaad dilana chahiy, ke woh kabhi bhi aam ho sakte hai You should remind special people tha, they can become a normal person anytime Drama 6. Pachees baar keh chuka hoon k, dhande ki baat phone pe nahi I have told you 25 times tha, no business talks over the phone Business 7. Johamare usool todhta ha, hum usse todh dete hain Whosoever breaks our rule, we break them Action 8. Har insaan ke andhar ek rakshash hota ha, bas kuch log usse bahar nikaalne se darte nahi There is a devil inside everyon, it's just that some people are not scared to take it out Drama

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