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Vijay Raaz Department dialogues
1. Apna line mein aadmi weapon se nahi maara jaata ha, information se maara jaata hai In our line a man is not killed with a weapo, he is killed with information Drama 2. Yeh duniya mein underworl, police ka daya aur lalach par chalta hai In this world the underworl, runs on mercy and greed of the police Police
Sanjay Dutt Department dialogues
1. Sooch samajhkar jaan moochkar ki gayi galat, galati nahi hoti A mistake that is done after thinking and on purpos, is not a mistake Drama
Deepak Tijori Department dialogues
1. Usse zyada dangerous aadmi poore underworld mein toh ky, politics mein bhi nahi hai There is no man more dangerous than him in underworl, and neither in politics Politics
Anonymous Department dialogues
1. Film business aur underworld business publicity pe chalta hai Film business and underworld business runs on publicity Business 2. Hamara dhanda toh darr aur risk ke beech mein chalta hai Our business runs in between scare and risk Business 3. Aadmi ko zindagi mein kam se kam ek cheez ke saath wafadaar hona chahiye In life a person should be faithful with at least one thing Life, Drama 4. Main chahoon toh ek second mein tumhe maar sakta hoo, lekin Jobhi tum logon ne mere saath kiy, maar maarke maaroonga If I want I can kill you in a secon, but whatever you guys did to m, I will beat you badly and then kill you Action 5. Aapke ke liye mujh mein Joizzat ha, woh meri apni sooch se bhi badi hai The respect that I have for yo, is bigger than my own thought Drama
Amitabh Bachchan Department dialogues
1. Mere shareer mein chamdi ka, taake zyada hai In my body there is less ski, and more stitches Rowdyism 2. Main illegally legal kaam karta hoo, legally illegal kaam nahi I do legal things illegall, not illegal things legally Law, Justice, Drama 3. Yeh dedh inch ka goli se main marne waala nah, mujhe maarne ke liye missile chalana hoga I am not going to die with this 1.5 inch bulle, to kill me you'll have to fire a missile Action 4. Nahi samajhne waal, kaiyon ko humne apne style mein samjhaya ha, aur ab woh kisi ko bhi samajhne layak nahi rahe People who don't understan, I have made many of them understand in my styl, and now they are not in position to understand anyone Rowdyism 5. Is desh mein sabse bada gunaa, sabse bada aprad, gareebi hai The biggest crim, biggest offence in this country i, poverty Crime, Drama

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