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Ranveer Singh Gunday dialogues
1. Agar jigar ki jagah jigar hai aur jigar mein dum ha, toh rok le aake If you have courage in the right place and if you have the guts in your courag, then try to stop me Courage, Action 2. Hum gunday ha, na aaj tak kisi ke haath aaye ha, aur na aayenge We are goon, no has been able to catch us to dat, and neither will anyone be able to Drama 3. Hum toh falak ke taare th, zameen pe aaye toh pehchaan pay, mazhab pay, rang pay, zubaan pay, hum nikle the jannat dhoondn, par har modh p, har makaam p, nafrat jung aur sarhad pay, par apne tevar ka sikka ek din chalega zaroo, khoon ubaal marega zamana badlega zaroo, khud ko buland kareng, rab ke bandhe hai hu, gunday th, gunday ha, gunday rahenge hum We were the stars from the sk, when we came to the earth we got an identit, religio, colou, languag, we had left to find the heave, but on every tur, on every destinatio, we found hatred war and border, but the coin of our attitude will work one da, the blood will boil and the world will chang, we will make ourselves stron, we are the messengers of Go, we were goon, we are goons and we will remain goons Poem, Inspiration 4. Hum gunday ha, ek baar jiske saath jee liy, marte bhi ussi ke saath hai We are goon, once we live with someon, then we die with them also Drama
Priyanka Chopra Gunday dialogues
1. Jocheez kismat mein nahi hot, woh dhoondne se bhi nahi milti Things that aren't in your destin, you won't get them even on searching Destiny, Luck
Irrfan Khan Gunday dialogues
1. Pistol ki goli aur laundiya ki boli jab chalti ha, toh jaan dono mein hi khatre mein hoti hai When bullets from a gun or words from a girl fir, then there is a danger for life in both Comedy, Life 2. Lakeerein bahut ajeeb hoti ha, khaal pe khich jaye toh khoon nikaal deti ha, aur zameen pe khich jaye toh sarhadein bana deti hai Lines are very strang, when they are drawn on the skin then it removes blood ou, and when they are drawn on the land then it makes borders Drama 3. Kismat ki ek khaas baat hoti ha, ki woh palatti hai Luck has one important aspec, that it changes Destiny, Luck 4. Chaal hum chaleng, sheh bhi hum deng, aur maat bhi hum denge We will play the plo, we will also give the chec, and we will also give the check and mate Drama, Sports 5. Ahankar ki aag tezaab se zyada khatarnak hoti ha, ek baar jala de toh nishaan seedha aatma pe jake lagta hai The fire of pride is more dangerous than aci, once it burns you then the marks appear straight on the soul Drama 6. Chhot khaya hua dost dushman se zyada khatarnak hota hai A wounded friend is more dangerous than a enemy Friendship, Enemy 7. Aksar har desh badi samasyayen suljhane ke chakkar mein yeh bhool jaata ha, ki uski kitni badi keemat uske apne logon ko chukani padti hai Often every big country in solving their problems forgets tha, how big a price does it's own people have to pay for that Drama
Arjun Kapoor Gunday dialogues
1. Yeh tevar hamare khoon mein ha, tere bhaukane se kuch nahi hoga We have this attitude in our bloo, and you barking will not make a difference Action 2. Yeh tasveer shuru zaroor usne ki ha, lekin ismein aakhri rang main bharoonga He has started this paintin, but I will fill the last color in it Drama 3. Chori ke dhande mein Jomaal le jaye n, maal bhi usk, dhanda bhi uska In the business of stealing one who takes the good, the goods belong to hi, and so does the business Business, Crime
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