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Paresh Rawal Hera Pheri New dialogues
1. Yeh Baburao ka style hai This is Baburao's style Comedy 2. Kutriya saal, dekh ke number dial kar! Bloody do, look at the number when when you dial! Comedy 3. Pehle mereko yeh samjha k, isko samjhana kya hai First explain to m, what I need to explain to him Comedy 4. Sunday ko a, Sunday ko mast naha do ke aa Come on Sunda, Take a nice clean shower on Sunday and come Comedy 5. Agar subah subah sandaas jana hai toh singer banna padega If you want to go to the toilet early morning then you will have to become a singer Comedy 6. Woh main mast tel mein fry kark, woh main kha gaya Tha, I nicely deep fried it in oil and ate it Food 7. Saal, rakh diya toh bhi baat karta hai Bloody I put him dow, but he is still talking Comedy 8. Utha le re bab, utha l, mereko nahi r, in dono ko utha le Lift it up Go, lift it u, not m, lift these two up Comedy, Religious 9. Devi ka prasad mandir mein milta ha, garage mein nahin You'll get God's sacrament in the templ, not in a garage Comedy, Religious
Anonymous Hera Pheri New dialogues
1. Chai se zyada saala kitli garam hai The kettle is hotter than the tea Food
Akshay Kumar Hera Pheri New dialogues
1. Pressure aa gay, pressure aa gay, hai pressure aa gaya Pressure has com, pressure has com, oh pressure has come Comedy 2. Meri kundli mein khoon likha ha, maloom hai na, There is a murder written in my horoscop, you know right, Action

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